Hi there, I’m Trang Le, and Komono Design is my independent web design practice. I build and design websites that propels your marketing strategy forward.

After a misspent youth studying economics and working as a translator, I fell into web design when someone I can’t remember told me to build a personal brand.

My haphazard attempt turns into an obsession with web design and all the possibilities it can bring to a website owner.

The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail

Charles R.Swindoll

In hindsight, economics and translation turned out to be a blessing in disguise. They reminded me to make every web design choice with accountability in mind, and never gloss over the details.

I believe in foundation, not rules.

My approach comes from years of experience in the trench crafting web designs that stand out and deliver ROI. I do whatever brings maximum bang for your bucks.

Web designer with a marketing mindset.

I love learning. If you do too, check out my writing on a wide range of topics to help you make better web designs.

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